About Us

Welcome to Loyalty Vibes, where street fashion meets passion and style without judgements. We're not a typical clothing brand, we're a lifestyle, a movement, and a voice for those who refuse to be confined by a box of stereo types. We believe that fashion should be an extension of your identity, a canvas to showcase your unique personality and an avenue to embrace the urban culture that resonates within you.


Our Story

Loyalty Vibes was created from a shared love for streetwear fashion and an unwavering belief in the power of individuality. As a collective of artists, designers, and street culture enthusiasts, we set out to create a company that would embody the essence of urban living, push the limits and empower you to express yourself through our clothing.

Our journey began with a simple idea, that fashion should be what people actually, want and an unfiltered reflection of your personality and your connection to culture, the streets and real life without any judgement.

Loyalty Vibes is a Colorado clothing company and was originally founded in 2010 under the LKZ Foundation for Suicide after, losing our younger sister at 18. The aftermath of Suicide became the foundation on which we rebuilt our lives.

If, you've lost someone to suicide, you know just how messy and devastating things can be. The struggle of wanting to let it all go and give up, all while still trying to carry on. However, as things began to change, we began to see things, differently. We were learning and growing and our struggle was no longer about survival or getting through the day.

It then became about loyalty, trust and betrayal from friends, family and just people in general. The hustle and grind of each day became the drive and motivation not to let life knock us down. Since, then we had realized our company no longer fit with the growth of who we had become.

We faced many, many growing pains and challenges throughout the years as we adapted with the several growth sperts and different experiences we faced. In August of 2021, we decided it was time for a change. So, we merged our two companies into one and gave it a fresh vibe.


Our Vision

Our vision was clear, to inspire confidence and authenticity through the language of streetwear clothing while remaining in the US, only. Creating our clothing in Colorado and keeping it in the US was and will continue to be one of the top priorities for us.

We put our blood, sweat and tears into our products and that we take great pride in. We wanted to be more than just another clothing company. We wanted to be a part of your journey, your daily choices, a symbol of your identity and a reminder to embrace your uniqueness, regardless of what people think. 


Why Choose Us, Why Choose Loyalty Vibes?

  • Quality: We're committed to offering the highest quality products that stand the test of today's times. From our fabrics to our prints, down to our hats and the threads we choose, we pay attention to every detail.
  • Uniqueness: Our designs are a fusion of urban art, culture and personal experience and expression. Each piece tells a story and every story is unique. So, tell us your story and why you chose us.
  • Inclusivity:¬†We're¬†a brand that transcends borders, pushes the limits and welcoming all individuals regardless of their background, struggle, color, gender or age. We believe that diversity is the life line of culture and the personality of our styles.
  • Sustainability: We're also, dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact. Which is why we've transitioned many of our processes to eco friendly practices all the way down to our screen sprays, to ensure that you can feel good about your fashion choices with us.
  • Community: We're more than a brand a company or a business, we're regular people, a community and most importantly, a family first. So, join our family in celebrating street culture, creativity, and embracing the power of all self expression.


Our Commitment

We're committed to continually pushing the boundaries of street fashion, evolving with the ever changing urban landscape and providing you with a style to express yourself. Our journey is driven by our passion and the energy of our customers and we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of your lives.

Join us in celebrating the raw, unfiltered beauty of the streets. Explore our collections, connect with us on social media and become a part of the Loyalty Vibes family.

Thank you for choosing Loyalty Vibes as your place to shop. Together, we'll continue to unleash the essence of the streets and redefine fashion as a powerful means of all self expression without judgements.

You should never have anything around that makes you feel anything less than your best self. "Choose Your Vibe"


2010: The founding of our company

The moment we decided to jump and risk it all to build a family business. 

2020: Celebrating our milestones.. 

As a regular Joe, you don't expect to be here. Many people say "oh, you're business will fail right away, oh, it's gonna fail the first year, oh, most businesses fail within the first 5 years." Well, with hard work and determination you can persevere.

So, thank you for celebrating 10 years with us! We couldn't have done it without you and we are excited to share this epic moment with you.

On behalf of our entire team at Loyalty Vibes - We personally, "Thank You" and continue to strive to better serve you!

Celebrating 10 Years Of Service - Loyaty Vibes


2021: The merge of our two companies

In 2021, we decided to merge both of our companies into one family. Thank you for standing by us through the construction zone and the messy hair.