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Sugar Skull Leggings

Shop our women's sugar skull leggings, today! Our sugar skull leggings are a stylish street fashion with a twist. These spandex leggings are made to flex and stretch comfortably and evenly so, there's no uncomfortable sagging, ugly shape or constantly having to pull them up again and again.

The sugar skull is Mexican art that comes from Mexican culture of a traditional Mexican holiday. The holiday it represents is Dia De Los Muertos which, is Day Of The Dead in English. Sugar skulls are an emotional display for the celebration and spirit of loved one's lost.

Sugar skulls are made in so many, different sizes and shapes, big and small, with various colors of art. A big sugar skull represents an adult who has died and a small sugar skull represents a kid or child that has died.

Shop now and get some of the best sugar skull leggings for women and juniors. Available for a limited time, only!


  • Polyester & Spandex
  • Hand Sewn
  • Flexible stretch
  • Elastic waistband
  • Precision-cut
  • Artwork by Loyalty Vibes
  • Made in USA


  • What is sugar skull meaning? The sugar skull meaning is a soul that has departed this Earth as in someone dying or passing on.
  • The sugar skull is Mexican art to honor the spirit of the lost loved one. Families will write the name of their family member on the forehead of the sugar skull and decorate it with colorful art.
  • The sugar skull is then placed on a headstone/grave site or an ofrenda for the return of the spirit of their family.


  • Are sugar skulls good luck? In short the answer is yes and no. Sugar skulls are considered good omens in the Hispanic and Mexican cultures because, they represent happiness to welcome the loved one's return in spirit specifically, on Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos. 
  • But, for most skulls have a meaning and the symbol of death. In many cultures, skulls are considered good vibes and positive energy like in a sugar skull, for Day of the Dead.
  • However, in other cultures they believe skulls are very bad luck, bring bad omens and represent death. To many they believe in staying as far away as possible from any type of skull.
  • While many others embrace skulls and enjoy sugar skull art and skull designs on shirts, hats, jackets and various styles of clothing and accessories.
  • Regardless, of which side of the fence you're on and whether or not you believe sugar skulls are good luck may not be the belief of someone else.
  • But, either way it is a decision for you to decide so, to each their own, let it mean what you decide it to be.


  • What is Dia De Los Muertos? Dia De Los Muertos is a traditional Mexican holiday that celebrates life and death or Day Of The Dead.
  • Day of the Dead is celebrated by using sugar skulls with Mexican art to welcome the spirit for each loved one lost.


  • What day is day of the dead? Day of the Dead for kids is November 1st and Day of the Dead for adults is November 2nd.
  • Each year, November 1st and November 2nd are celebrated as the Day Of The Dead.
  • Families celebrate the lives of kids and children they have lost ,on Day of the Dead. November 1st and adults are celebrated on November 2nd.

Size Chart:

Waist (inches) 25 ¼ 26 ¾ 28 ⅜ 31 ½ 34 ⅝
Hips (inches) 35 ⅜ 37 38 ⅝ 41 ¾ 44 ⅞
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